Video Conferencing

Videoconference Center

Save time, money and the hassle of traveling by utilizing our complimentary video conference rooms featuring high-definition Polycom systems or live video streaming through a webcam or our broadcast-quality video cameras. This is perfect for when it is not possible or efficient to have everyone in one room. You are able to connect to as many remote locations as needed.

G & M will coordinate with the remote videoconference sites you are connecting with, and our staff will conduct a pre-test to ensure smooth proceedings.

Video Streaming:

Similar to videoconferencing, video streaming allows remote participants to view the live deposition proceeding on their computer or tablet using an internet connection. Multiple parties can sign on and be viewing at the same time. Two-way video streaming allows for all parties to be seen through a monitor not just the witness. This is especially useful for an attorney taking a deposition remotely.